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This is not just another book. It is a long but timeless message better described as a theology of Discipleship. I wish God had used someone else who is smarter to write this book, and it may have come out sooner. It took God 25 years for me to capture the bits and pieces while God taught me in time. This book will show you God's heart and get you excited about fulfilling His plan. You will find the simple way of integrating spirituality and ministry while pleasing God in all areas of your life and ministry. The wide Scripture supported fresh philosophy and framework presented in this book will help you feel God's heartbeat. It will elevate your perspective and build a stronger motivation for your church to engage with Christ's Great Commission. You will discover the God-inspired strategy for discipleship in the Commandments for the Great Commission. You will discover how we may effectively cultivate and offer daily to God a People God awaits. Your congregation will have time to enjoy life and God while fulfilling the Great Commission and maturing as Christians in God's inspired ways. You will be glad to allow this book to jump to the front of your reading list as it may inject transformational elements to your other reading.

作者:Enoch Kwan

出版社:WestBow Press

尺寸:150*228 mm


Dr. Kwan began his faith journey seriously since his childhood. God has prepared for him a rich spiritual and philosophical reserve with insights and wisdom. He has pastored for 25 years and continuing to seek God's will and God's pleasure.

He thinks beyond the popular trends and traditions of man. It should not be a surprise that his writings reflect his sincere fear of God, passionate love for God, all built on a strong Biblical foundation. You will find his insights fresh, original, and inspirational giving you glimpses of God's heart.